"...no-holds barred, passionate..." - Ali Alizadeh


Benjamin Solah is a spoken word artist, raised in Western Sydney, who has been performing around Melbourne's spoken word scene since 2011. Introduced to spoken word through Santo Cazzati and Passionate Tongues Poetry, his style ranges from the absurd and comedic, to vulnerable and political, often mixing all of those things. His work often touches about mental health, sexuality, the world of poets and poetry, as well as social issues.

He has featured at many local spoken word venues including Passionate Tongues, The Dan Poets, The Owl & Cat Readings, Slamalamadingdong, Voices in the Attic, Poetryspective, Poetry at The Night Heron, as well as can be found open micing at those venues and more. He's also featured at Melbourne's White Night, Melbourne Fringe Festival, #MelbourneNow at The National Gallery of Victoria and MoreArt.

Benjamin's work has been published in places including Overland, Going Down Swinging, Cordite Poetry Review, and YouTube channels Write About Now and SlamFind.

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"Here is a writer to be reckoned with," - Maxine Beneba Clarke


He is the Director and founder of Melbourne Spoken Word, and the Director of the Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival. He is also the SlamMaster and co-producer of Slamalamadingdong. In 2017, he coached and competed with the first ever Australian team to compete in the US National Poetry Slam in Denver, Colorado, as well as toured Texas with Rik The Most and John Englezos. In 2018, he co-coached the second National Poetry Slam team, that's traveling to Chicago.