Can I read a poet a day for 2018?

In the interests of expanding and focussing on my poetry reading for next year, and I guess, as something focussing on the work of other poets rather than myself, I’m challenging myself to read a different poet each day during 2018. Check out the vlog above that outlines a little bit of the why and how. I’ll be blogging more regularly in 2018 and updating people on how this is going. Although, reigniting my blogging habit has failed a couple of times before so no promises.

2 Replies to “Can I read a poet a day for 2018?”

  1. I’m interested in tackling this with you. I’ve also got a metric butt-load of poetry sitting in my bookshelves and, well, the internet is sitting right there, so it’s all there for the reading.

    See you on the twitter. #poetaday

    What constraints are you putting in here? I remember you said that you won’t just be working your way through an anthology, anything else?

    1. That’d be cool to have others do it with me.

      I’m trying not to place too many other formal constraints, but I want to have a broad range of reading, people from different background, dead and living poets, poets I know or are my peers as well as ones I’ve never met, to try and avoid falling into read white men all the time etc. and looking outside of Australia and the US which are my go-to reading.

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