Benjamin Solah, spoken word artist

“…no-holds-barred, passionate…” – Ali Alizadeh

“Here is truly a writer to be reckoned with” – Maxine Beneba Clarke

Benjamin Solah is a spoken word artist that can be regularly found performing around Melbourne’s vibrant poetry scene. He’s the founder and Director of Melbourne Spoken Word and a co-producer of Slamalamadingdong. His upcoming textual and aural collection, so there’s pub poets page poets and SLAM POETS is due out in late 2017.

Raised in Western Sydney, he moved to Melbourne in 2008 and was introduced to spoken word and performing poetry in 2010, debuted on the open mic at Passionate Tongues Poetry in Brunswick. Since then, he’s been immersed in the city’s spoken word community, where he founded Melbourne Spoken Word in 2012. His performative and playful style of poetry can regularly be seen around Melbourne, with pieces that are often political, personal and meta. He has performed as a feature poet at many of the regular events around the Melbourne poetry and spoken word scene, including Passionate Tongues Poetry (3 times), The Dan Poets (3 times), Slamalamadingdong, The Owl & Cat Readings, Voices in the Attic, House of Bricks (2 times), Poetry at Night Heron as well as at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne’s White Night, as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival, on protests, in wrestling rings, book stores, street corners and online. In August 2017, with Slamalamadingdong, he will coach the first ever Australian team at the National Poetry Slam in Denver, CO.

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Upcoming Performances

Poetryspective: Performing a set of his favourite American slam poets w/ co-feature, Maddie Godfrey
Tuesday, July 15 @ 7pm / Pride Of Our Footscray Community Bar, 1/86-88 Hopkins Street, Footscray / Free / Open mic

Contact Benjamin if you want to book him for any upcoming gigs, otherwise you can catch up him on many open mics around Melbourne.



Benjamin is available to be booked for spoken word performances, workshops, panels, speaking engagements, especially around spoken word, as well as available for professional spoken word career coaching, videography, and web design, among other services.